Google Docs & iPad: The Perfect CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) – How-To

The CRT, an incredibly brave species that wakes early, enters new environments, and deals with hostile natives…

In the schools I have worked with, I think that being a new CRT must be tough. You have a whole new place and class to deal with, unsure of your environments and what to do. The last thing they would want is having to deal with technology.

It has been common practice that if a teacher is going to be away, they would leave work in a filing cabinet, or on their desk for the CRT to pickup and use. Even this can be a pain, if the teacher is sick they may not have left work. Even tougher these days, with teachers (like ours) using online platforms like Google Apps, leaving physical work can also be a hassle (and a waste of paper). Finally, as our teachers take their devices home so CRTs are given the dreaded ‘loner laptop’ (which may not have been charged by its last user)

How can we make life easier for our CRT Champions?, it only takes two things; iPad and Google Docs.

Google Docs is the platform (teachers share planners, work, comments – from anywhere and anytime, the CRT can leave notes and updates), iPad the delivery system (that lasts all week, is super portable, CRTs don’t have to deal with passwords and log-ins, and be customised for our needs)

So, how can you set this up at your school, just follow my simple 9 step program below…(batteries not included)

(download the full-size PDF here)CRT



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